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Spiced Up is a line of hand-mixed spices blends and seasonings that facilitate preparing quick  yet delicious and nutritious dishes. Gluten free - Vegan - No sugar - No artificial preservatives - No added flavoring. We are a California company that offers innovative seasoning of blended  herbs and spices to flavor and season your favorite recipes with 100% natural ingredients.

About our Seasonings

We offer an all-in-one mix for each of your favorite recipes. Each seasoning depends on what  dishes you want to cook! Our concept is a seasoning for each dish, you don't need to think about  what mix of spices you need for each recipe.

Italian Style Sofritto

Italian Style

Cook Italian food like a Mamma with this Seasoning Blend. Ideal for pizza, pasta, meat dishes and salads.


Indian Seasoning

Indian Style

Authentic curries in an instant. Perfectly balanced for you. For easy home-cooked Indian dishes.


Mexican Adobo

Spacy Lovers! This versatile blend is our best-selling all-purpose seasoning.


Jmaica Jerck Seasoning

Seasonal Seasoning

Jerk marinade is famous for grilled chicken and pork, but the mix of chile peppers, fresh lime juice, and spices makes the most amazing grilled pork too


How we do it

Every order is hand-blended and hand-packed. We carefully mix each spice blend, getting  quality, and packing and weighing every bag of seasoning to ensure optimum freshness.

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