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About Spiced Up 

Spiced Up is a line of hand-mixed spices blends and seasonings that facilitate preparing quick  yet delicious and nutritious dishes. Gluten free - Vegan - No sugar - No artificial preservatives - No added flavoring. We are a California company that offers innovative seasoning of blended  herbs and spices to flavor and season your favorite recipes with 100% natural ingredients.

About our Seasonings

We offer an all-in-one mix for each of your favorite recipes. Each seasoning depends on what  dishes you want to cook! Our concept is a seasoning for each dish, you don't need to think about  what mix of spices you need for each recipe. Spiced Up does it for you!. We have 21 different  seasonings for your favorite dishes, such as: salmon seasoning, Chicken Seasoning, Pasta All  Rounder, Avocado Topping, our new Mexican style line. Also, you can spice your homemade  Chai Latte or Golden Milk drink. Our seasonings have special ingredients that give them an extra  flavor, such as pink peppercorn, black sesame, black garlic and more.
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How we do it

Every order is hand-blended and hand-packed. We carefully mix each spice blend, getting  quality, and packing and weighing every bag of seasoning to ensure optimum freshness. 70% of  our suppliers are from California, our goal is to obtain a 100% Made in California product and  support the local farmer. Spiced Up is a wonderful and innovative seasoning concept. We have reached 2,000 units sold  since our launch in Sept 2022, with direct sales in three Farmer markets. Contact with our  customers has given us more ideas for new recipes. We want to add 12 new recipes soon, ranging  from Italian Sofritto seasoning, Pizza Topping, Texas BBQ, Al Pastor Seasoning, and the new  line of Rimmers to prepare delicious margaritas. 
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